Craig Wright: Alleged bitcoin inventor may sue in England

Stage victory: Self-declared Bitcoin inventor may sue critics in England

Craig Wright, self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor and Gallenos figure of the Bitcoin Fork BSV, has been able to achieve a partial legal success in his campaign against his critics.

Who is behind Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the (or the) Bitcoin inventor? If Craig Wright, a 50-year-old programmer from Australia, has his way. Wright has claimed for years that he is the creator of Bitcoin. While there are indications of Crypto Code that he was already active as a miner in the early days of Bitcoin, he has not yet managed to completely dispel doubts about his authorship of the digital gold. Among his critics, Wright has therefore earned the unflattering nickname „Faketoshi“.

In spring 2019, the shitstorm became too much for Wright and he not only took leave of Twitter, but also launched a wave of lawsuits against his most prominent critics. Among them are scene greats such as Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and Roger Ver, with whom Wright was still in the trenches over Bitcoin Cash before the BSV hard fork. Wright has now scored a partial legal victory against Hodlonaut, a Norwegian Bitcoiner who had sharply criticised Wright on Twitter several times.

Craig Wright may sue in England

Wright initially failed with his lawsuit before a British court. The reason given in early 2020 was that a Norwegian court had jurisdiction over the case. At that time, Hodlonaut had already filed a lawsuit in the Oslo District Court seeking exclusion of liability. At the time, the court referred to the Lugano Convention, which clarifies the jurisdiction of courts within the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

Wright succeeded with his appeal. On 15 January, the UK Court of Appeal published the decision that Craig Wright could also sue Hodlonaut in the UK despite the related proceedings in Norway. The judge in charge of the case justified the decision by citing differences in emphasis between the two cases:

‚I would allow the [Writght’s] appeal on the basis that Article 27 [the Lugano Convention] does not apply because the proceedings in Norway and in England do not involve the same cause of action‘.

Hodlonaut returns

Meanwhile, Hodlonaut has also commented on the decision.

19 months later, these people continue to harass me with full force. Very expensive court cases continue in two jurisdictions while Calvin Ayre and Coingeek continue to spew doxing and defamatory material.

he ends a 10-part tweet-storm on Twitter, reviewing his side of the story.

I’m writing this in the hope that more people will become aware of the moral bankruptcy of Calvin, CSW [Craig Wright] and the BSV ecosystem in general and raise their voices against these people who so casually go after individuals who open their mouths with the aim of beating them into submission,

explains Hodlonaut, who is still waiting for reimbursement of his legal fees amounting to 66,000 US dollars.